How Can You Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight must be one of the biggest obsessions of the 21st century. What a waste of time, I’d rather be spending quality time with my family, reading a good book or going for a bike ride. Why do I have to spend so much time thinking about, researching and trying weight loss methods? Easy, I don’t want to be fat and unhealthy. That is the bottom line for me and now I have worked out a great way to maintain a healthy weight so I no longer have to devote so much time to it. Klikšķiniet šeit

I have set up this blog as part of my strategy because I know that when I talk about something, I get it out of my head. That frees up space up there for other thoughts like how to spend quality time with my wife and kids, which park shall I walk the dog to today or just plain old fantasy; if I knock this wall out here and change the decor to a pale corn yellow, this kitchen just might work. halluforte koriģējošs

Anyway, back to the moment. Here you will find tips, tricks, tools, calculators and even the occasional recipe (and a photograph of it). What you won’t find here is a diet. I might tell you what I’ve eaten today but I won’t tell YOU what YOU should be eating. kliknite ovdje

How can you lose weight fast and keep it off for good?  I follow a set of dynamic eating principals which give me the freedom to eat what I want, enjoy what I eat and maintain a health personal body weight. I say personal here because many professionals tell me that I should be a certain weight to be healthy yet I am sure I would look decidedly anorexic if I went that low. Some charts say I should be 170lb but I know that my ideal weight is in fact 180lb. I can help you determine your own ideal weight and maintain it for good.

Please agree, disagree, comment or share your own stories here. I am not a doctor or nutritionalist or dietitian. I’m just a guy with a weight problem who has found a great solution to a common problem. I look forward to chatting with you. Forskolin

2 thoughts on “How Can You Lose Weight Fast

  1. Jenna Langley

    Hi. This is an awesome idea for a website. Thanks for creating it. I will come back again.
    I really like this: “What you won’t find here is a diet. I might tell you what I’ve eaten today but I won’t tell YOU what YOU should be eating.” :) Lol, I think you will help a lot of people. hallu forte

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Jenna, we all have different tastes so working to principles means we can all eat what we like and still maintain a healthy weight. Thanks for your comment.


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